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Inorganic Chemistry IV – Prof. Dr. Birgit Weber

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Nanostructured spin crossover composites

Project staff: Christoph Göbel

This project focuses on the synthesis and meso-structuration of spin crossover (SCO) nanoparticles. The aim is to use the self-assembly aspect of block copolymers (spherical micelles or cylinder micelles) as matrix to control particle size and morphology.

Therefore, several block copolymers with different compositions will be used as templates for numerous spin crossover coordination polymers. The influence of the block copolymers on the particle shape will be investigated along with particle-matrix and particle-particle interactions which may influence spin crossover properties like hysteresis width or transition temperature. The application of these composites on surfaces is also be tested.

Reaktionsschema Nanostrukturierung SCO Koordinationspolymere

In the frame of this project block copolymers will be synthesised to investigate the ability for nanoparticle formation via self-assembly. New coordination polymers will be introduced into the block copolymers. Different methods (spin-/dip-coating) for the assembly of the composites on surfaces will be tested.

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