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Amphiphilic complexes

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The aim of this project is the synthesis of spin crossover complexes with lipid layer like structure and/or liquid crystalline (LC) properties. One possibility to reach multifunctionality of those compounds is to combine the spin crossover with liquid crystalline properties.

To achieve this, amphiphilic iron(II) complexes will be prepared. For those complexes synergetic effects between the spin transition and LC phase transitions are possible. We want to explore, if the spin transition can be triggered by a LC phase transition. This would open up new possibilities to control the spin transition temperature for this kind of complexes.

In the frame of this project tetradentade Schiff-base like ligands with long alkyl chains in the outer periphery will be pepared and used for the synthesis of octahedral iron(II) complexes. The alkyl chains will be varied in their length or additionally be functionalised (branched alkyl chains, partially fluorinated chains, hydroxyl substituents) to study the influence of those modifications on the spin crossover properties. Additionally strategies will be developed to synthesise six-dentate alkyl chain functionalised ligands for spin crossover complexes.

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