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Inorganic Chemistry IV – Prof. Dr. Birgit Weber

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2BSwitch 2021 Symposium - Bordeaux - Bayreuth (30.08.2021-03.09.2021)

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Dear Colleagues, following the success of the previous Bordeaux Olivier Kahn Discussions (Book-D) and especially the last one in 2020 on spin state switching that gathered on line around 90 participants from all around the world, a symposium on Spin State Switching (2B-Switch) will be held online on 30th of August to 3rd of September 2021. This edition, co-organized between Bordeaux and Bayreuth, will cover the interdisciplinary aspects through the chemistry, physic and theory of spin crossover, electron transfer and valence tautomeric compunds. As usual, this event is organized to promote the maximum of exchange and discussions. The program is based on invited talks together with poster presentations. Due to the very different time zones of the speakers, the sessions will last half-days to account for the time shifts. Registrations are free but mandatory to obtain the connection links. We look forward to seeing you online.

  • Oral presentations will last 20 minutes followed by at least 10 minutes of discussion moderated by the chair of the session
  • Poster sessions will be organised during dedicated breaks to allow students to present their work in a convivial atmosphere

1. Oral Presentations

All presentations will be done using Zoom. Every session will have its own link and password that will be sent to the registered participants.

The oral presentations will be performed live. The talks will last 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes discussion. In order that participants from all the countries and continents can see all the presentations, we would like to store them on a dedicated and protected side, only visible (not to download) for an additional week. Therefore, we will ask the speakers if they allow us to record the presentation.

We will promote discussion, as usual in a BOOK-D conference, giving access to the microphone and video to participants who would have indicated their will to ask question or to comment.

2. Poster Session

A dedicated website will be used for the poster session. Each poster will have a space for 4 slides and a related chat. Students are invited to present a poster, composed of 4 slides in landscape format, with sufficient high resolution and size (font, figures, ...) that it may be visualized easily in a standard 17 to 20 screen. 

Please send the title of the poster and the author before July, 15th. 

The corresponding files in PDF or PPT format must be sent to us by Monday, 24th of August. We will upload them on the dedicated website and give you access through a password. An audio file presenting briefly (4 minutes maximum, saying on which slide you are talking) the poster can accompany the uploaded, too.

They will be accessible all along the 2BSwitch event and one week after, remaining open for discussion. 


Registration for the 2BSwitch meeting is open. No registration fees are requested for this fully online event. Please send an email to birgit.weber@uni-bayreuth.de and guillaume.chastanet@icmcb.cnrs.fr containing the name and email address to receive the various links and passwords. 

  • Deadline without any presentation: before August, 25th
  • Deadline with a poster presentation, before July, 15th with the corresponding poster titles and authors if any
  • All the needed information to connect yourself to the Zoom session and poster website will be sent by Saturday, August, 28th

Chairs: Birgit Weber (Bayreuth | Germany) & Guillaume Chastanet (Bordeaux | France)

Technical support: Dana Dopheide (Bayreuth)

Ethical Considerations

To promote discussions and exchanges around new results in a trustful atmosphere, and as part of the open science policy from the European community, this event is under the European charter for researchers. The results presented during this conference must not be used or diffused (in other conferences or articles, on social media ...) without the agreement of the authors. By registering and participating to this event, you agree with these ethical considerations.

Confirmed Speakers

Guillem AROMI (Spain), Xin BAO (China), Colette BOSKOVIC (Australia), Sally BROOKER (New-Zealand), Eric COLLET (France), David HARDING (Thailand), Hannah KURZ (Germany), Mathieu MARCHIVIE (France), Abhishake MONDAL (India), Grace MORGAN (Ireland), Masaaki OHBA (Japan), Jose Antonio REAL (Spain), Franciso ROMERO (Spain), Lucie ROUTABOUL (France), Michael SHATRUK (USA), Helena SHEPHERD (UK), Kazuyuki TAKAHASHI (Japan), Vassilis TANGOULIS (Greece), Ming-Liang TONG (China), Jun TAO (China), Felix TUCZEK (Germany)

The organizing committee wishes you an enjoyable conference.

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