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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Inorganic Chemistry IV – Prof. Dr. Birgit Weber

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Two Publications in ZAAC


Two publications just have appeared in Zaac: "Special Issue: Dedicated to Professor Dr. Peter Klüfers on the Occasion of his 70th birthday", Volume 647, Issue 8, Page 800-977 (April 26, 2021):


Prof. Dr. Birgit Weber contributed an eulogy "In celebration of the 70th birthday of Peter Klüfers". In addition, the publication "An Iron (II) Spin Crossover Complex with a Maleonitrile Schiff base-like Ligand and Scan Rate-dependent Hysteresis above Room Temperature" by Hannah Kurz, Dr. Gerald Hörner and Prof. Dr. Birgit Weber was also published in this edition.

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