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Inorganic Chemistry IV – Prof. Dr. Birgit Weber

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Date News
28.07.2023 Setup for temperature-dependent electrochemistry published
26.01.2023 2023 starts with a new publication by Andreas Dürrmann
25.11.2022 Dr. Hannah Kurz receives receives Bavarian Culture Award
03.08.2022 New publication in European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
11.02.2022 New publication in Angewandte Chemie
07.02.2022 Diblock copolymer micelles optimise spin crossover
18.01.2022 2022 starts with a new publication
06.12.2021 2nd edition of "Coordination Chemistry" is published
14.10.2021 New publication in "Chemistry - A European Journal"
16.09.2021 New Paper Published in ZAAC
01.06.2021 We welcome our new colleague Michael Fink
03.05.2021 Two Publications in ZAAC
28.04.2021 First digital "Ringvorlesung"
09.04.2021 On our way to "green" flow batteries
24.03.2021 New Paper Published in JACS
05.10.2020 Paper Number 9 is a cooperation with the workgroup of Prof. Herres-Pawlis
08.09.2020 Cooperation with the workgroup of Prof. Greiner results in publication number 8
11.08.2020 Cooperation with australian workgroups leads to publication number 7
20.07.2020 Joint forces of experimental physics and chemistry results in publication 6 
17.06.2020 Publication No. 5 is (a)live
27.03.2020 Publication number 4 accepted in 2020
24.02.2020 Publication with WG Marschall
03.02.2020 Another publication in Molecules
20.01.2020 The new year starts with a publication in Angewandte Chemie
16.10.2019 New Publication in the Journal of Physics
23.09.2019 Another Publication in Dalton Transactions
22.04.2019 Kind invitation to the MANS-17 in Bayreuth
17.04.2019 New Paper published in Dalton Transactions
01.04.2019 The workgroup welcomes Dr. Gerald Hörner as the new post-doc
24.01.2019 Invitation to the Ringvorlesung
14.01.2019 Paper chosen for Hot Article!
01.08.2018 Paper in Chemical Science and Engineering accepted
18.07.2018 Kekulé scholarship granted
08.06.2018 We stay in Bayreuth!
19.04.2018 Award Ceremony "Goldene Kreide"
26.02.2018 New review article in Comptes Rendus Chimie accepted
16.01.2018 First publication of the year accepted
19.12.2017 Article accepted in JACS!
16.11.2017 New publikation in Chemistry - A European Journal
29.09.2017 Article got accepted in the Zeitschrift für Allgemeine und Anorganische Chemie
12.09.2017 Concept article got accepted in Chemistry - A European Journal
31.07.2017 New website online!
05.07.2017 Kinderuni

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