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Inorganic Chemistry IV – Prof. Dr. Birgit Weber

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Cytotoxic copper(II) complexes

Project staff: Katja Dankhoff

The aim of this project is the synthesis of new ligands and their metal complexes, which can function as cytotoxic products. During this project new, tridentate Schiff-base like ligands will be synthesised and characterised; cytotoxic products can be used as precursors. The new ligands will be reacted with metal ions; these will be mainly 3d metals. Those complexes will be characterised and (in cooperation with the OCI, UBT) investigated considering their cytotoxic properties. The redox potential of the metal complexes can be investigated in case of redox active metal ions (e.g. Cu(I)/Cu(II)). Especially the Cu complexes can be tested for their ability to activate oxygen, so for the possibility to function as a tyrosinase/ catecholase model substance.

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